Company profile

Company profile

In 2006, AG Company was established. For decades, from single valve to faucet, crystal washbasin, drain, hardware accessories in bathroom, water meter and whole series of kitchen and sanitary products, AG Company has continuously gained a firm foothold and wrote its own miracle with a progressive development mode.

After ten years efforts, Angel Bathroom has gradually formed a complete production system, including hot forging, cold stamping, welding, bending, gravity casting, zinc alloy casting, machining, mold design and processing, polishing and grinding, finished products assembly test and other process flows.

The company is adept at the casting, forging and machining process of environmentally friendly lead-free brass. With unique Seiko quality, AG products are exported to the United States, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and other regions. The products are widely used in high-grade residence, high-end business places and other places.

Angel Company also continuously carries out in-depth excavation, analyzes the nature and needs of the consumer experience, further explores the development and application of product process and creates more humanized new products according to the industry development situation and the future development trend of products. It has won many national invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.

The company has a professional technical team to continuously strengthen the independent design and development capabilities, carry out innovations and keep pace with the times; advanced QC management team, which always puts quality in the first place in accordance with strict and meticulous quality inspection attitude; meanwhile, the company also conducts standard and accurate control based on ISO9000 quality system. It is equipped with 3D image measuring spectrometer, salt spray tester, hardness tester, plating steel tester and other complete inspection machines in order to create the future trend with quality advantage. Meanwhile, we have CUPC and CE certification for our products, work hard to provide you the standard products.

The international vision, exquisite workmanship and humanized pursuit create the excellent quality of AG products, while the intimate service and unique after-sales service make AG have the humanistic sales style.

From the pre-selection to after-sales service, AG company always adheres to rooting the service concept in the heart and putting each service detail into practice, so as to provide each user with the best kitchen and bathroom space solution. And timely parts delivery and rapid delivery of finished products also highlight the AG employees pursuit of idealism and professional after-sales service, which continues to win the recognition and praise of customers and vendors for company.

From exploration to realization, from exercise to harvest

AG Company is opening a journey of life change,

and struggling for a better life.